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Please Note:  There are two forms! Please Scroll Down for the submission form to email comments, suggestions, errors and problems to the Webmaster:    

Submission Guide Lines to Add Your Speed Dating Group to

Please read all instructions regarding the linking of a group, organization, or website on Note: All listings must have a website URL to list.  All requests for listing must provide a reciprocal link for on that website's main landing page or ona singles resources page that is no more than one level from the main landing page.. This includes:

  • Non For Profit Groups, Civic, Cultural and Volunteer Organizations
  • Speed Dating Companies, Dinner Clubs, etc.  
  • For Profit Groups and Organizations
  • Dating Coaches/Dating Advice Sites

(Reciprocal Link: A link swap, you place the link on your website, on a landing page or on a "singles resources", "local links" or other "related links" type page on your website.) will NOT list: Bars and Nightclubs, Russian Women sites, sites with Adult Content/Porn, erotica, poker, casino and other sites that are unrelated to singles groups, organizations or activities.  This type of material does not fit the profile of our audience.  Please note that it may take a week to 10 days to post your site depending on our backlog of requests. is a great way for you to promote your singles group/organization. is the largest listing of singles Speed Dating/Fast Dating groups by city on the internet.  There is no charge to have your site listed on the directory, we require that you put our link and logo on your home or links page. We will require being on the home page if another dating directory is featured there, otherwise we are content with being on a links page accessible from the home page.

We individually review each submitted site. Only those sites with the required logo and/or link will be added to the directory. Your site cannot contain or link to pornography, pornographic or adult advertising, erotica or adult-only content, X-Rated, gratuitous or graphic violence, material that infringes on or violates someone's rights, or material that promotes/disseminates illegal activities. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the content and activities on your site are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Please note that we do not include websites with offensive content. 

Please carefully review the information you provide on the form below for accuracy. To confirm your inclusion in the directory, we will notify your site webmaster using the e-mail address you provide. New submissions that have the required logo and link are added to the directory once a week.

Did you know that as your site grows, 50% of web traffic comes from reciprocal links with websites that have common traffic?

Search engines do bring traffic, but links from other websites like bring significant traffic to your site. More traffic means more people seeing your site and more people attending your activities and joining. Ninety-five percent of the most popular search engines now use link popularity in their relevancy algorithms:  Rather than relying on meta tags or keywords, a search engine assumes that a page receiving hyperlinks from other pages is an important page and therefore deserves to be ranked higher. Also, seeing reciprocal sites listed on your site reinforces the credibility of your group/website in the mind of singles that are surfing for things to do and resources for singles.

Required Reciprocal Link and Logo Information

Please select and save the graphic logo that best suits your page.  You may also use plain text links with the site description listed below. The HTML tags for each logo have been provided below each of the graphics to help you get these logos installed quickly. You will need to modify the HTML for the logo to reflect the path of the image on your server. Use your mouse to copy and paste this HTML code onto your home page. Be sure to change the graphic's example URL's path to point to the graphic you have saved on your server. Install the link and a logo on your home page and then complete the form below. To confirm your inclusion in the directory, we will notify your site webmaster using the e-mail address you provide.

The following are the graphic logos we have available. You can also use your browser to save the logo. If you use Windows, you can use the right mouse button to select the logo and save the graphic to your hard drive and then transfer it on to your server. If you use the Macintosh OS, you can select the logo, hold down your mouse button and save the graphic to your hard drive and then transfer it on to your server. logos and sample HTML code for your home page. We recommend that you copy the logo to your server to speed up your page loads. If you place the link and or logo on a page different from your home page, please send us the location of the link.  You may edit the link to your city!  See below!

The graphics below are best used against light background colors. Speed Dating Groups, Singles Events and Activities in Your City Speed Dating Groups, Singles Events and Activities in Your City

Editing the link to a specific region:, copy and paste the html code above, then add the appropriate directory for that region. For the correct directory, mouse over the region name on main page. 

Example of listing by region:

You may also list a full description of the region in your local links listing or on your main page as follows:  Speed Dating Groups and Events in Your California:  Guide to California Speed Dating, Singles Groups, Events and Activities.

Submission Form  For Speed Dating Groups

Make sure you follow the above instructions:  Groups/websites that do not have a reciprocal link to will NOT be added to the database.  Please DO NOT submit this form until the reciprocal link is listed on your site. 

When entering the web address (URL) of your site, please check your URL carefully. If we can not access your web site, you will not be listed. Please use this form for ADDING a new group or CHANGING info on an existing group.

This form is Optimized for Microsoft Explorer and Firefox.  You may experience problems with Netscape


Your Group Name
Your Website Site URL ( http:// )
Location of Reciprocal Link ( http:// )
Your Site Description
Webmaster Name
Webmaster Email
Site Category  


Image Verification
Please enter the text from the image
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For your description, write a paragraph that you would like listed, around 3-4 sentences. All of the following information must be included: Group Name, Age Range, Hotline phone number, and group description.  Please avoid USING ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, Capitalizing The First Letters, or using HTML tags. Refrain from using marketing slogans such as, "We're the best singles group in ......," "the largest", "newest".

Please check your information over carefully before clicking the "Submit" button. You agree to the following terms and conditions and that you are the webmaster and/or person responsible for the above listed information. After pressing "SUBMIT" you will be brought back to the main page. Please DO NOT submit this form until the reciprocal link is listed on your site.  We will not add your link until the link is listed on your website! 




Terms and Conditions is a service and registered trademark. By submitting this information, you acknowledge that shall not be held liable for errors or omissions relating to the above information. You understand that shall not be held liable for misprints or errors which occur from type setting the information or the misrepresentation resulting thereof. It is your responsibility to verify all information on the above submission form. will promptly correct any errors or omissions that user finds on any directory listing, when notified in writing or by e-mail. makes no warranty or assumes any liability for the use of this system or for the accuracy of any of the directory listings on this site. reserves the right to edit or refuse any submission.


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